Monday, October 29, 2012


Hi All

What's shakin?

I've been lazy about the blog but spent most of the week-end
making Christmas cards and thinking about what I want to take to the
Willard School craft fair.
I look forward to it.

I have so many images from last year that I don't have to buy any nu ones.:
Coloring with my Copics is soooo relaxing.
Amanda paid me a compliment. She said I'm really getting
good-"my images look very realistic" 
Will have some pictures soon.

Bye for now


Saturday, October 6, 2012


New candy form saturated canary via all the things I love.
I love their images...would have been nice to show the image but
can't figure out how.SMH!
I do have some images for you...

A card and two boxes.Sorry about the poor quality of the card
picture. The boxes are large enuf to hold 12 a-2 cards.
That's all for now.Talk to you soon.